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Healthcare Environments & Processes Monitoring

Pharmaceutical & Vaccine Storage

Monitoring the wide range of controlled-temperature storage facilities found in healthcare environments such as hospitals, care homes, doctors’ surgeries, and pharmacies is essential. Pharmaceuticals, vaccines and blood all have recommended storage temperatures, which if not followed can render them ineffective leading to costly wastage.

Our vaccine monitoring range uses a specially developed probe with glycol attachment to mimic vaccine temperature changes for utmost accuracy.

Our EL-WiFi-VACX was developed with pharmaceutical & vaccine storage in mind, and offers a wireless temperature monitoring solution with advanced alarming functionality. The device continuously records temperatures and automatically sends all readings to the online EasyLog Cloud platform where you can monitor and manage your device remotely 24/7. You can set custom limits and receive notifications via email, SMS, and locally through the on-board lights and sounder when temperatures become too hot or too cold.

Healthcare Environments

Keep your patients calm and comfortable, and your staff happy, by monitoring and maintaining optimum temperature, humidity and air quality around your facilities. Like all indoor spaces in the modern world, healthcare environments are not immune to the effects of poor indoor air quality

Despite the vulnerable nature of their occupants, hospitals can face extremely poor indoor air quality due to the large number of pollutants, gases, odors, and germs lurking in the air. High-foot traffic from patient and visitor inflow and outflow, as well the coming and going of shift workers, creates an environment where already vulnerable patients are subjected to highly polluted indoor air.

Our wireless indoor air quality monitoring solutions automatically monitor and record air quality data to the EasyLog Cloud. With remote notifications, you can receive alerts when air quality drops, allowing you to take actions to improve conditions such as increasing ventilation. 

Medical Cold Chain Monitoring

Maintain every aspect of your medical cold chain by monitoring your medical resources in transit. 

Available in packs of 10, the EL-CC data logger range provides cost-effective, user-friendly loggers specially designed to monitor the cold chain of transported medical goods. Simply press the button on board the device to start logging and plug into the computer via the USB port when finished to view the data. Pre-set alarm rates are set on the device depending what you are transporting: we have products specially designed for monitoring ambient pharma goodsblood samples and platelet samples.

If the temperature falls outside of the pre-set range the LED light on board the device will flash red as well as this being highlighted in the data recorded and accessed via PC.

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