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HVAC System Monitoring

HVAC Monitoring and Audits

Data loggers can be used to monitor temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels. The resulting data can be used to determine the efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

For short-term environmental audits, we recommend our USB data logging range. These USB-connected devices are low-cost, highly efficient and user-friendly. Simply leave the device to log in the desired area, before collecting and plugging it into your PC to access the logged data via our free EasyLog software. Once downloaded, data can be graphed, printed or exported for further analysis.

For extended environmental audits and permanent installations, we recommend our EasyLog Cloud compatible data logging devices. These Wi-Fi-connected products enable real-time remote cloud-based analysis of data from multiple sites with real-time email and SMS alerts if readings breach user-set limits.

Hot Water System Monitoring

Installing a system to monitor the temperature of hot water outlets on continuously running boilers or the hot water outlets on hot water storage tanks can provide an early warning of system malfunction.

FilesThruTheAir's real-time cloud-connected data loggers and sensors offer the ability to specify temperature alert levels, which when breached can trigger notifications to selected personnel. Depending on the product type used, notifications can be sent by email, SMS or push notification.

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