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EL-Mote and EL-WiFi

Cloud Services Revolutionise Facilities Management

According to the Global Facilities Management Market Report 2018, cloud services and the digital transformation of the workplace are key innovations in the facilities management sector.

According to experts, ambient temperatures in a workplace or school below 16 ⁰C breach health and safety regulations, and above 33 ⁰C can decrease productivity by up to 85 %. This, in addition to the amount of energy used to constantly heat and cool large buildings, makes temperature monitoring an essential element of your management plan.

Why not optimise this? As stated in the aforementioned report, cloud services are becoming particularly useful in the management of premises and their resources. Our wireless temperature monitoring devices have Wi-Fi connectivity, connecting to our EasyLog Cloud platform to record and store data remotely.

Using our EasyLog Cloud platform, you can set up and manage multiple devices to log data and alert you automatically via email of any recordings that lie outside of the parameters set by you.

When it comes to temperature monitoring, why not make it as easy as possible? Automate it. Set up your device and customise it by naming it, select high and low alarm temperatures and logging frequency to suit your application, then simply place your device where you need to and let it start logging. As well as email notifications, you can view, analyse and export data via the EasyLog Cloud, perfect for monthly reports or industry inspections.

Want to know more? Check out our EL-MOTE and EL-WiFi product ranges for screen and screenless hardware options as well as a variety of probe attachments to perfectly suit your needs.



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