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Monitoring Leisure Facilities

Leisure Centres

Leisure centre industry guidelines show that different activity rooms have different climates for ultimate comfort and performance. For example, multi-purpose rooms should be around 12-18°C, fitness facilities between 16-18°C, changing rooms between 20-25°C and childhood play areas around 21°C.

Due to these different requirements, a flexible system of various temperature devices, connected to a single network, streamlines the management of the facilities, allowing for remote management of the devices, automated email notifications of any problems and data accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Gym Environments

Due to the high intensity of exercise being done and the equipment being used, keeping a consistent temperature for your clients is essential.

Alongside temperature, it can be useful to monitor humidity in gym areas to avoid damp and potential mould in the building, as well as ensuring your ventilation system is operating efficiently. In a gym facility, the IFA recommends the temperature to be around 18-20°C with a relative humidity of between 40-60% for facilities providing aerobics, weight training, cardio and Pilates activities.

Swimming Pools

According to industry standards, indoor pool air temperature should be around 1°C higher or lower than the water temperature and relative humidity kept between 50-70%.

Recommendations for pool temperatures themselves vary depending on the purpose of the pool, for example competitive swimming pools should be around 28°C, recreational 29°C, children’s teaching pools 31°C and babies/young children’s pools at 31°C. 

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