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About Us

FilesThruTheAir is a part of Corintech Ltd and specialises in sensing, measurement and IoT, offering a wide variety of advanced sensors and data loggers, as well as customisable touch panel displays. Whether you're looking for a Wi-Fi-connected solution to monitor the temperature of pharmacy refrigerators across multiple locations, or a standalone USB data logger to monitor the humidity of your greenhouse, FilesThruTheAir has a solution for you.

Corintech is a leading provider of electronics design and manufacturing services. With over forty years of experience developing and manufacturing electronic products for businesses across a wide variety of different industries, Corintech established the trademark FilesThruTheAir in order to develop, manufacture and sell its own range of IoT products.


Meet the Team

FilesThruTheAir Manager

David Ing

I head up FilesThruTheAir, overseeing all product development, operations, technical support and sales. I have over 25 years of experience developing electronic products for a variety of high-tech industries. If you have a requirement that isn't covered by our current product portfolio, I'm more than happy to consider custom product development to suit your needs. Get in touch!

+44 (0)1425 651129

Product Supervisor

Emma Edwards

Here to assist any new or existing customers in any way I can. I mainly oversee the operational side of the business and can provide updates on stock levels, delivery times, pricing and much more. I also support our global network of distributors, selling our products across 27 different countries in a variety of different industry sectors. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or queries.

+44 (0)1425 65131

Technical Support

Alex Strachen

I'm here to support existing customers with any technical or troubleshooting queries they may have. I can answer any questions and provide support for all of our hardware, firmware or software offerings. If you are experiencing any technical issues, or simply need help setting up a device, feel free to get in touch!

+44 (0)1425 651182

Marketing Manager

Andy Price

With a strong engineering background, I support all new product development from initial concept up to product launch. Please feel free to get in touch and discuss any monitoring requirements that you may have. I can advise on our current solutions, and even consider custom product development to meet your unique needs.

+44 (0)1425 651180

Graphic Designer

Steve Holland

I oversee the creation and publishing of all support assets, from promotional videos, to product photography, to quick start guides. This includes managing our Distributor Portal, ensuring that all of our global distributors have the assets they need to make our products a success for their business. I can even arrange the creation of custom-branded materials. Any questions or queries about the support we can offer business customers, please get in touch!

+44 (0)1425 651136

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