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Food Temperature Monitoring

Food Storage Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor food storage temperature and humidity using our WiFi-connected data loggers. These sensors transmit data via WiFi to the EasyLog Cloud, allowing multiple users to view records from multiple devices. Temperature and humidity alarm zones can be set up by users and notify specified staff via email when a temperature zone is breached.

Adhere to HACCP Guidelines

According to the Food Standards Agency, refrigerators should be kept between 0⁰C and 5⁰C to avoid the growth of dangerous bacteria that can lead to food poisoning. The agency recommends measuring and monitoring this using a thermometer as “the dials on fridges don’t always show you the right temperature”. HACCP guidelines state that it is essential to keep and maintain records of adherence of such guidelines, as well as any breaches to ensure food standards are met.

Guaranteeing these standards manually can take a lot of time and resources, especially within the service industry or a large storage facility housing a range of products. Data loggers can relieve you of these pressures by continually taking measurements at a preselected schedule and automatically alerting you of any breaches, eliminating the chance of missing a crucial check or deviation during busy periods.

Shops, Supermarkets & Retailers

The most common problem in retail establishments is the need to monitor chilled and frozen goods that are open to the public. Our TP and DTP products are ideal for this because they use external thermistor probes to measure temperature. This means the user doesn't need to leave the device in the fridge or freezer itself, just a discreet probe will need to be in the actual environment.

All of our devices include alarm delay options to allow for temperature excursion in general use, such as fridge doors being temporarily opened. This ensures that shops and supermarkets will not experience endless alert notifications whenever a customer opens the door to a chilled product cabinet.

Cafés & Restaurants

Cafés & restaurants have a variety of chilled and ambient storage environments that can be both open to the public and isolated for stockroom storage. Our data loggers can form a network via the EasyLog Cloud, enabling establishments to monitor each different evironment in one integrated system. No longer will staff have to manually trawl the backroom stock chillers collecting and recording temperature readings.

If you intend to monitor containers such as fridges or freezers, we recommend that you purchase a TP or DTP product so that the device body does not need to go in the measured environment: an external thermistor probe is used to measure the temperature. However, if the environment is ambient, such as a wine cellar, a T product will work effectively.

Monitoring Food in Transit

The acceptance of food deliveries into a shop or factory greatly depends on the condition of those goods upon arrival. Suppliers must accept the responsibility of the temperature and humidity conditions in which they transport food. According to the HACCP guidelines, it is essential to keep records of temperature control at every stage of food production and supply. Without these records, it is impossible to prove constant efforts to meet safe temperature measures that meet industry standards.

FilesThruTheAir's range of Cold Chain Data Loggers provides users with a cost-effective, user-friendly, multiple-use solution for monitoring all stages of the cold chain process. Pre-programmed with set sample rates and alarms for monitoring chilled, frozen and ripening goods, simply press the on-board button to start logging.

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Food Production


  • Create ambient monitoring for the entire production chain
  • Comply with statutory regulations: HACCP
  • Create data logging records ready for inspections


  • Create optimum ambient conditions for dry food storage and monitor this
  • Maintain safe temperatures for storing frozen and chilled food
  • Receive alerts if critical temperatures are reached
  • Prevent the spoiling of food


  • Monitor temperature and humidity conditions for frozen, chilled or ambient goods in transit
  • Alert the user to temperature zone breaches through an alarm
  • Enable unbroken cold chain transportation


  • Maintain cold chain process
  • Comply with HACCP guidelines at all times
  • Maintain optimum food quality and hygiene by monitoring freezers, refrigerators and ambient store conditions


  • Monitor storage conditions of raw materials
  • Maintain optimum conditions for fermentation rooms
  • Verify and log your compliance with industry regulations

Cafés & Restaurants

  • Comply with HACCP guidelines at all times
  • Maintain comfortable ambient temperature for customers
  • Monitor fridge, freezer and dry storage
  • Spot check hot food to ensure correct internal temperature

Food Safety

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