Sensors and Data Loggers

Monitor temperature, humidity and more with FilesThruTheAir.

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Indoor Air Quality

Measuring particulate matter, VOCs, temperature, humidity and pressure the EL-WEM is designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

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New Wireless Temperature Sensor Range

Low-cost real-time temperature and humidity monitoring

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EL-WiFi-X Advanced Data Loggers

Improved Local Alarming & Digital Calibratable Probes

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Wireless Alert - TP

WiFi-connected temperature sensor with email alerts.

£34.50 + VAT

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The New EL-SIE Range Is Here!

Advanced USB data logging for temperature, humidity and pressure

From £56.99 + VAT

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Wireless Alert

Wi-Fi connected sensors with email alert notifications. Temperature, humidity, door contact, leak detect, more coming soon...

From just £28.50

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The New EL-IOT Is Here

Cloud-connected temperature data logging at an affordable price.

£59.99 + VAT

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WiFi-connected temperature logger with a thermistor probe and remote Cloud management.

£109.99 + VAT

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WiFi-connected loggers to keep track of vital vaccine temperatures remotely.

£184.99 + VAT

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Thermocouple Probe Options For EL-MOTE

New EL-MOTE-TC and EL-MOTE-DTC products for increased temperature measurement range

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Standalone temperature and humidity logger with USB connectivity.

£54.99 + VAT

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Ambient temperature & humidity monitoring.

Data readings automatically logged to EasyLog Cloud software (accessible on any internet-enabled device from anywhere in the world)

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Custom Design & Manufacture

Can't find what you are looking for? We also offer expert electronic product design and manufacturing services. Visit our Corintech site.

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