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Logistics Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Cold Chain Processes

In some industries, there are requirements for conditions in which goods are transported, some of which are crucial to health and safety, and some of which are crucial to the preservation of priceless items. Monitoring temperature and humidity in the transportation of goods can help in the preservation of items such as food, vaccines and exhibition pieces.

FilesThruTheAir™ has a variety of data loggers that can be used to measure products through the temperature-controlled supply chain, whether at the storage or distribution stage, ensuring goods are kept within specified environmental conditions throughout the cold chain. 

Monitoring Food in Transit

The acceptance of food deliveries into a shop or factory greatly depends on the condition of those goods upon arrival. Suppliers must accept the responsibility of the temperature and humidity conditions in which they transport food. According to the HACCP guidelines, it is essential to keep records of temperature control at every stage of food production and supply. Without these records, it is impossible to prove constant efforts to meet safe temperature measures that meet industry standards.

FilesThruTheAir's range of Cold Chain Data Loggers provides users with a cost-effective, user-friendly, multiple-use solution for monitoring all stages of the cold chain process. Pre-programmed with set sample rates and alarms for monitoring chilled, frozen and ripening goods, simply press the on-board button to start logging.

Medical Cold Chain Monitoring

Maintain every aspect of your medical cold chain by monitoring your medical resources in transit. 

Available in packs of 10, the EL-CC data logger range provides cost-effective, user-friendly loggers specially designed to monitor the cold chain of transported medical goods. Simply press the button on board the device to start logging and plug into the computer via the USB port when finished to view the data. Pre-set alarm rates are set on the device depending what you are transporting: we have products specially designed for monitoring ambient pharma goodsblood samples and platelet samples.

If the temperature falls outside of the pre-set range the LED light on board the device will flash red as well as this being highlighted in the data recorded and accessed via PC.

Temperature and Humidity

WiFi-Connected Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

EasyLog WiFi-connected products log automatically and send email alerts to the user if certain temperature and humidity limits are breached, ideal for the remote management of heritage premises in and out of operational hours. These devices connect to the EasyLog Cloud via WiFi to record and store data to be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

Available in two ranges: The EL-MOTE-TH & TH+ are discreet, screenless data loggers that connect to the EasyLog Cloud for remote monitoring, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications due to its IP67 rating. The EL-WIFI-TH & TH+ have LCD screens to display live readings and a small alarm symbol for quick checks as well as uploading data to the EasyLog Cloud.

EL-USB Temperature and Humidity loggers

USB Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

The temperature and humidity range of USB connected devices are low-cost and hardwearing, ingress from water and dust to IP67, perfect for the carefully monitoring of the environments of precious goods in transit. Simply leave to log in the desired space and plug the device into the PC. Once downloaded, data can be graphed, printed or exported for further analysis on a PC via the free EL-WIN-USB software package. Data can also be downloaded directly onto the EL-DataPad touch screen data collector.

With screenless and LCD screen options, the EL-USB-2 and EL-USB-2-LCD devices log over a temperature range of -35 to +80°C with an accuracy of 0.55°C (high accuracy versions available, click below).


Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Loggers

The EL-BT-2 data logger measures and stores up to 500,000 temperature and humidity readings. The LCD screen on the device indicates Bluetooth connection status as well as logger operation. Simply connect to your smartphone to set the sample rate, temperature scale, temperature & humidity alarms, Bluetooth power savings, LCD settings and variable start times. Downloaded data will be saved to your phone's memory card and can be viewed at any time.

The push button allows cycling of current, minimum and maximum recorded values. The EL-BT-2 comes with rechargeable battery and can be used with a USB wall charger. Only compatible for use with Android devices.

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