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Discovering New Species

EL-USB-2-LCD temperature and humidity logger from FilesThruTheAir was used by a research team in the discovery of a new type of Rain Frog through measuring environmental factors.

A team of researchers in Ecuador, led by Paul Szekely, used our EL-USB-2-LCD temperature and humidity data logger to assist their study of the composition of amphibian communities in remote areas of the tropics. As a result of the research, a new species of Rain Frog was discovered and named the Pristimantis tiktik, inspired by the characteristic ticking sound the frog makes.

On the expedition, our data logger was used to monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment which can affect many aspects of frogs’ lives.

“Our aim was to determine the factors that influence various species of toads and frogs to become active – specifically to forage and reproduce,” Paul explains.

These aspects include the very call of the frog, which can be greatly affected by temperature and humidity, hence the need for monitoring environmental factors.

The EasyLog EL-USB-2-LCD was chosen by the team due to its small and lightweight form, making it easy to attach to backpacks to monitor atmospheric temperature in the field.

“It’s easy to use, light and practical for fieldwork.” Said Paul Szekely, Lead Researcher.

A key part of the research was to record and analyse the call of eleven male frogs and to map the vocalisation parameters within the current environment. This helped the team to identify the new species of frog, situated in the wetland complex in the Andes of Southern Ecuador.

The EasyLog USB-2-LCD data logger records a temperature range from -35 °C to +80 °C with an accuracy of 0.55 °C and humidity from 0 to 100 %RH, making it perfect for measuring environmental conditions in a range of environments. Its small, lightweight and robust exterior make it easily transportable, to take readings on the go. When the desired data is captured, the device simply plugs into a PC’s USB port to download the data. This can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications for detailed analysis via the free EasyLog software provided.

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