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EasyLog Cloud with EasyLog hardware harnesses the power of IoT to automate data logging and alert notifications. Offering all of the features described below and many more, EasyLog Cloud gives you the ability to monitor and manage multiple wireless data logging devices in different locations completely remotely.


Features of EasyLog Cloud

The EasyLog Cloud system works to suit your needs, from simple domestic environmental monitoring, to compact business systems with just a few measuring points, and corporate solutions with hundreds of sensors around the globe. The flexibility that EasyLog Cloud offers makes enabling the wireless workplace easier and more achievable than ever before.

Cloud Features
Locations with Sensors And Locations

Quick View Dashboard

The EasyLog Cloud home screen offers easy access to your most important information:

• See the status of your favourite devices at a glance
• Review recent device events
• View data, and clear alerts
• Quickly navigate to the detail on devices, data and events

Quick View Dashboard

Easy Device Management

Take advantage of EasyLog Cloud's extensive but straightforward device management screen:

• Search by device location, filter by type, or use text-based search
• Quickly access and change device settings
• Easily acknowledge and reset alarms

Device Management

Advanced Notifications

Never miss a critical event with EasyLog Cloud's flexible notification system:

• Notify multiple recipients
• Delay and repeat notifications
• Escalate ignored notifications
• Email and SMS notification options

Advanced Notifications

Powerful Data Analysis and Reporting

Review and analyse your data with powerful graphing functionality:

• Compare data from multiple devices
• Compare data from different time periods
• View data summaries
• Print or export your results


Detailed System Audit Records

Keep track of events and activity with EasyLog Cloud's detailed system and device audit trail:

• Device records, including changes to settings, physical checks/audits and events
• Data records, including the addition of comments, data export and printing


EasyLog App

The EasyLog App allows smartphone and tablet users to
access their data at their own convenience.

Download easily from the App Store or on Google Play.

• Monitor your devices on-the-go
• View all device data live in a range of format styles 
• Receive notifications if a device goes into alarm mode


EasyLog App


Start Monitoring in 3 Simple Steps

 1. Purchase a Sensor1. Purchase a sensor

2. Register For a Cloud Account2. Register for a Cloud account

 3. Connect Your Sensor3. Connect your sensor


Select Cloud account types

FilesThruTheAir API

The EasyLog Cloud API

Developers with a Professional EasyLog Cloud account can now harness the power and benefits offered by EasyLog Cloud for use in their own applications.

•  Integrate EasyLog cloud-connected sensor data into your existing applications
•  Update sensor settings
•  Build unique dashboards showing information of key interest
•  Develop apps with customised integrated data analysis algorithms
•  Query remote sensor data with your own hardware
•  Secure server hosted requiring SSL encryption for all connections
•  REST compatible resources grouped into five services: Users, Locations, Devices, Sessions and Lookup

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