Wireless Alert-TP-BUFFER

Wireless Alert TP is a battery-powered temperature sensor that sends a warning email if a user-set level is reached. This bundle also includes the BUFFER-TP, designed to mimic the real temperature changes of refrigerated items, and therefore minimise unnecessary alarms.

Wireless Alert TP:

  • -40°C to 125°C temperature probe with 1.5m cable
  • User-configurable high and low temperature limits
  • Sends email alerts and scheduled status reports
  • Flashing alert indicator
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • Simple to set up using the free mobile app
  • Two years' battery life (dependent upon usage scenario)


  • Removes short-term temperature fluctuations
  • Minimise unnecessary alarms
  • Food safe design

£44.95 + VAT

Product Details

The Wireless Alert-TP-BUFFER bundle includes:

The bundle is the perfect solution for monitoring the temperature of refrigerated/frozen products. Simply setup your Wireless Alert TP using the free FilesThruTheAir app, choose your high and low alert limits, insert the probe into the BUFFER-TP, and place in the refrigerator you wish to monitor. When the device measures a temperature outside of your pre-selected limits, a warning email is sent to your chosen address.

The BUFFER-TP has been designed to better reflect the temperature response time of refrigerated products, including food and vaccines, instead of simply measuring and recording air temperature changes. By using the BUFFER-TP, you can minimise unnecessary alarms being triggered by short-term air temperature fluctuations caused by defrost cycles or doors being opened.

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