Takeaway Restaurant Temperature Alerting Kit

Prompt email alerts when food storage environments get too hot or too cold. Perfectly suited for takeaway restaurants and similar catering establishments.

  • Kit includes five Wireless Alert TP devices that each automatically measure temperature between -40 and +125°C via external thermistor probe and send a notification email if temperature breaches one of your pre-set limits.
  • High and low temperature limits for each device are configurable on setup
  • Flashing alert indicator on each device
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • Simple to set up using the free mobile app
  • Each device is powered by two replaceable batteries (included) providing up to two years battery life depending on the usage scenario
  • No ongoing subscription fees
  • Includes sticky pads for wall mounting
  • This is a web exclusive bundle, not to be combined with any other promotion or discount
£148.50 + VAT

Product Details

This is a bundle of five Wireless Alert TP units.

Leave these devices with the probe positioned in a storage fridge/freezer, cold room, hot food counter, or similar measurement point, and they will automatically measure temperature (between -40 and +125°C) at regular intervals. If at any point temperature is measured outside of your pre-set limits (configured on setup), the device will trigger a notification email to an address of your choice.

Setup couldn't be easier. Simply follow the step-by-step guide in the free Wireless Alert mobile app (available on Google Play and on the App Store). During setup, the user is able to enter a contact email address and configure high and/or low temperature limits for each device. Whenever the device detects temperatures outside of those pre-set limits, an email alert will be sent to the configured address, and an LED indicator will flash on the device, visually notifying any persons on hand.

The outcome: Prompt notification of temperature issues in your catering establishment. This can potentially help you to ensure that unsafe food is not served to customers, or even provide you with the opportunity to correct temperature issues before valuable stock perishes.

Each device can also send out daily/weekly/monthly (user-selectable) scheduled summary reports, detailing minimum, maximum and average temperatures, as well as battery level, the number of notifications sent, and the total time spent in alert mode.

What's in the kit?

  • 5x Wireless Alert TP temperature sensor
  • 5x Sticky pad for mounting to a wall or piece of furniture
  • 5x Two replaceable AAA batteries

Wireless Alert is powered by two replaceable 1.5V Alkaline LR03/UM4/AAA batteries. The device will automatically send a warning email when the battery level is low so that you know to replace them. 

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