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Experts Say Temperature & Humidity Logging is Essential for Successful Soybean Growth

In a wonderful article for Nod Away News Leader, field specialist Wayne Flanary writes of the necessity of monitoring the temperature and humidity of stored soybeans through the winter months.

According to the expert, this can be critical for growers as when outside temperatures change, so too can the temperature and moisture within grain bins. During winter, industry recommendations suggest storing soybeans within 10 to 15 ⁰C of the average outdoor temperature. It is also advised to keep fans covered to avoid moisture blowing into the storage bins during the colder months.

Flanary also suggests tracking and recording temperatures and humidity in the storage so as to remain aware of any changes.

Over the winter period, growers will check their soybeans around once every two weeks. Not only does this take up time and resources in business, but the infrequency of manual checks can lead to damage in the beans through mould or insect activity if the conditions are not quite right.

Instead, automated systems such as the EasyLog Cloud can allow constant monitoring and remote access to data and alerts to save resources in grower businesses.

Devices such as the EL-WiFi-TP (logger with screen showing live data) or EL-MOTE-TP (subtle, screen-less logger with flashing LED for visual warning) have discreet probe attachments which can be placed inside the grain bins to monitor the temperature inside accurately, with a range of -40 to 125 °C, while the device sits outside in the general storage area. The EL-WiFi-TH or EL-MOTE-TH measures both temperature and humidity.

Both hardware ranges work with the EasyLog Cloud, an online system which allows the user to access, view, analyse and export their data anytime, from anywhere. Using the Cloud, the user can set minimum and maximum temperature and humidity readings to trigger alarms specific to their application. When an alarm is met, the user will be emailed directly from the Cloud.

Cloud-based technology like the EL-WiFi and EL-MOTE ranges save time and resources spent on manual checks, ensure records are kept consistently and accurately, and that any breeches are made aware to the user quickly so that the chances of crop spoiling can be minimised.

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