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The Benefits of Cold Chain Monitoring

Why Should We Monitor Cold Chain Processes?

According to the HACCP guidelines, keeping a record of temperature control is crucial at every stage of food production and supply. In a supply chain in which there are multiple stages taking the food from production to consumption, it is vital that the monitoring device be portable and user-friendly to accommodate a range of different users.

How Do Cold Chain Data Loggers Work?

Our range of Cold Chain Data Loggers are cost-effective with a simple interface for monitoring all stages of the cold chain process. With pre-programmed sample rates and alarms for monitoring either chilled, frozen or ripening goods, the user simply has to press the on-board button to start logging.

A quick look at the logger will tell you what you need to know. The LED light indicates whether a unit is in logging mode, an alarm has been met during the transport or if the battery is low. Then you can view the full set of data via the USB connection either using the free EasyLog Cold Chain software or by using an EL-PDF device which will create a simple PDF document of the data when plugged in.

The Benefits:

  • Pre-set measurements for different types of food transport (frozen/refrigerated/ripening) makes setting up the device easy and its transition between different processes more efficient.
  • It’s simple USB plug-in function and software makes it simple to see if any alarms were breached and at what point so that it can be avoided in the future.
  • Economic and sold in packs of ten to benefit every part of your business.
  • Helps you record and manage your efforts of maintaining industry standards (such as HACCP guidelines) with minimum efforts, perfect evidence for any inspection.

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Created on 21/12/2018