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Temperature and Humidity Heritage Study

The big picture

Richard Grove, Heritage Field Services


I completed my trial study today, and I’m extremely pleased with the results.

The FilesThruTheAir Wifi Temperature and Humidity Wifi Sensors have enabled previously generic assessments of temperature and relative humidity to be tailored to rooms, specific areas of rooms and high-traffic zones. This in turn has allowed me to better identify trends and target problem areas over extended periods - something I have not found possible before.

As well as this, they have made it easier to assess the impact of interventions in real time, both ahead of time and in retrospect. For example, instead of having to speculate that ‘X material might alter the environment’, we can now make a quantitative assessment that ‘this intervention can be seen to have made X difference to this situation in real time’.

The best example of this remains Hillfield Cottage, where a minute financial investment - identified using the Wifi sensors - returned a significant change in the thermal performance for the entire household. Over the course of a year the financial return is potentially enormous.

These Wifi Temperature and Humidity sensors have provided us the mechanism by which more complex assessments can be made upon quantitative data in the future.

This was relatively small trial, but it encapsulates the real benefit the sensors’ highly targeted data provides. Multiplying this data capture methodology across much larger heritage sites would similarly multiply the potential financial and man-hour savings.

Click here for my complete case study.

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Created on 06/05/2015