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Parent company Corintech bolsters quality assurance

FilesThruTheAir™ parent company Corintech announces the recruitment of John Burton, who will join the group as Group Quality Manager. His recruitment bolsters the business’ quality assurance offering, and coincides with the opening of a brand new Quality Inspection Lab.

John has been hired with a remit of consolidating and improving quality management across Corintech, and its sister company Lascar Electronics. He has significant experience in the quality control space, having built his reputation through appointments at both Ultra Electronics and Telesoft Technologies. In both of these roles he held senior management positions in the discipline.

“The addition of John to the group-wide, senior management team reinforces our commitment to maintaining and improving quality in the business to achieve ‘beyond excellence’,” said Rod Piwowarski, Group CEO. “Not just in terms of traditional quality control, but also with respect to ensuring a high standard of customer care, reliable deliveries, commercial competitiveness and levels of innovation. We strive to be an example of how UK businesses can provide the best in engineering, design and manufacturing.”

To coincide with this appointment, the Group's Hong Kong operation announces the opening of a new Quality Inspection Lab. At 2,000 sq. ft, the new lab will offer a host of capabilities, including:

  • General business management
  • Statistical process control and analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Writing and implementing Quality Management systems to ISO 9001:2008
  • Lead auditing QMS for ISO 9001:2008 accreditation
  • Change and documentation control
  • Writing and improving Quality Control plans and Quality Control documents
  • Ongoing process improvement
  • Visual inspection of workmanship
  • PCB inspection to IPC 610/600 Class 3

The facility will feature a team of 8 inspectors working onsite, with over 110 years combined experience in the Electronic and Pharmaceutical industries. All quality control employees are certified IPC 610 Inspectors - including one qualified IPC 610 Trainer - one is additionally an IPC 600 PCB Inspector, and 4 members of the team hold advanced degrees. 

Both announcements reinforce Corintech’s dedication to the highest quality standards, demonstrated through its ongoing commitment to reaching internationally recognised industry standards. Currently these certifications include:

  • ISO9001 – An international standard for quality management systems recognising Corintech’s robust and reliable quality processes
  • AS9100 – The highest quality management standard developed by the automotive and aerospace industries

Created on 28/01/2015