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New Website Launched

Today marks the release of the first fully inclusive FilesThruTheAir™ website, designed and built to be a one stop shop for all kinds of environmental monitoring and data logging. The new website has a fresh, contemporary look and identity of its own to match our range of advanced FilesThruTheAir™ products.  The website gives particular emphasis to our wide range of WiFi sensors and recently developed  remote data storage facility on our FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud, which allows users to access sensor data “anytime, anywhere” from any internet enabled device.

The new store system has been designed to help streamline the purchase process and ensure you get exactly the right product for your application; whether that be a WiFi temperature probe measuring industrial machinery or a high accuracy temperature and humidity sensor collecting and remotely storing data from your greenhouse. The case study section has also been expanded with curious applications such as FilesThruTheAir™ sensors and remote data storage being used by scientists at CERN (large hadron collider), and how they have become a vital piece of kit for a HVAC company.

We at FilesThruTheAir™ hope you enjoy exploring the new site and look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Created on 08/07/2014