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Achieve 21CFR Compliance with WiFi Remote Data Loggers

You can now achieve 21CFR compliance with all the advantages of a WiFi-based temperature and humidity logging system giving remote access to data, events and alarms.

FilesThruTheAir is excited to announce the release of a new range of 21CFR specific devices and accompanying cloud-based interface. Aimed at simplifying the implementation of a 21CFR compliant, multi-site, remote environmental monitoring system we expect this new addition to our product range to prove a great success.

FilesThruTheAir's 21CFR system offers all the advantages of our existing WiFi range, adding extra levels of security including the ability to set user permissions, authority based sign-off on many actions and a complete system audit trail.

To find out more visit the 21CFR section on our website, check out the 21CFR section on our store and watch the video below.


Created on 12/12/2016