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Our range of FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi data logging sensors measure temperature and humidity as part of a low cost environmental monitoring system used to observe, manage and record data. These WiFi data loggers connect directly to an existing WiFi network, transferring data wirelessly to either a PC on the same network, or straight to the FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud for hassle free management.

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The FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud

The FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud makes sensor data universally accessible from any internet enabled device.

You can manage your devices and make changes to any sensor setting remotely, including changing alarm levels. This gives the user the power to potentially monitor hundreds of our WiFi sensors in different countries from one location.

For users requiring 21CFR Part 11 compliant data, a 21CFR Cloud is also available.

The Cloud has the ability to graph sensor data online and can send you email alerts when alarms occur or if a device needs your attention. Users can also access ‘Event Logs’ which will give a record of all triggered alarm events on all WiFi data loggers configured by the user with an alarm threshold.

A Cloud account is created during the WiFi sensor set-up process using the software. You can chose from four different Cloud account types depending on which features you need.

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The FilesThruTheAir™ App

The FilesThruTheAir™ app extends Cloud access and visibility to smartphone and tablet users, delivering an enhanced user experience and access to data while on the move.

  • Monitor your devices on-the-go
  • View all device data live in graphical and tabular format
  • View, comment, and close events
  • View devices that go into alarm



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System Alerts & Notifications

The FilesThruTheAir™ monitoring package alerts you when critical limits are exceeded or if there is a problem with your system.  This is done in four ways:

  1. A bell icon will flash on the sensor when a temperature and/or humidity limit is exceeded.  If the probe becomes disconnected a 'Connect Probe' warning message will be displayed on the LCD.
  2. Your PC software will alert you audibly and visually.
  3. If you have a Cloud account you will be emailed with details of the alarm or system issue, or you can view the alarm on your FilesThruTheAir™ app.
  4. A WiFi-Alert device can be used to monitor multiple sensors and provide additional audible and visual warnings using high brightness LEDs and a choice of 9 alarm tones.

Start Monitoring in 3 Simple Steps

WiFi Sensors - Start Monitoring

Free Software

Every FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi device is set-up using the free, easy-to-use software. This one package is suitable for every user and is available from Support. Users wishing to monitor devices on their PC do so via this software. Cloud users only need to use a PC to initially set-up a device. All Cloud users can also take advantage of the free FilesThruTheAir™ app.

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FilesThruTheAir API

The FilesThruTheAir API

Developers with a Professional FilesThruTheAir Cloud account can now harness the power and benefits offered by FilesThruTheAir for use in their own applications.

  • Integrate FilesThruTheAir cloud-connected sensor data into your existing applications
  • Update sensor settings
  • Build unique dashboards showing information of key interest
  • Develop apps with customised integrated data analysis algorithms
  • Query remote sensor data with your own hardware
  • Secure server hosted requiring SSL encryption for all connections
  • REST compatible resources grouped into five services: Users, Locations, Devices, Sessions and Lookup

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