Vehicle Storage Monitoring

FilesThruTheAir offer advanced sensors and data loggers that are perfect for monitoring vehicles in storage, helping you to ensure that they remain at the correct temperature and humidity.


Car, motorbike, boat, or something else? Whatever you keep in your garage, monitoring temperature and humidity plays a vital role in helping to prolong its use, hold its beauty and run as smoothly as possible. Different materials are affected by storage conditions in different ways. Using a cover to protect your vehicle will only keep it clean, and not protect it from corrosion or mould growth unless you monitor and maintain temperature and humidity levels.


Wireless Alert

Wi-Fi connected sensors that allow you to set high and low limits for temperature and/or humidity, and send a warning email if these are breached.

Wireless Alert TH - Temperature & humidity (between -18 and +54 °C & 10 and 90 %RH) via internal sensor

See in Store - £39.95

Wireless Alert T - Temperature (between -18 and +54 °C) via external thermistor probe

See in Store - £28.50

Wireless Alert TP - Temperature (between -40 and +125 °C) via external thermistor probe

See in Store - £34.50


Wi-Fi Connected Data Loggers

If you want to record the temperature and/or humidity of your vehicle storage, as well as receive email alerts, you will need one of our Wi-Fi connected data loggers. These devices record data to the EasyLog Cloud: a user-friendly data storage and device management system.

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USB data loggers, perfect for recording data if you don't have a Wi-Fi connection available. The device can automaticaly record temperature, humidity and air pressure. You can quickly and easily see full records by simply plugging the device into a PC or laptop via USB and opening the internet browser (no internet connection or software necessary). You can also configure custom alarm levels that triger an audible beeper and flashing warning lights on the device.


Temperature Data Logger

See in Store - £56.99


High-accuracy temperature data logger

See in Store - £69.99


Temperature & humidity data logger

See in Store - £69.99


High-accuracy temperature & humidity data logger

See in Store - £85.99


High-accuracy temperature, humidity and pressure data logger

See in Store - £164.99


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