Vaccine & Pharmaceutical Monitoring

We offer a wide range of different monitoring solutions including chilled and ultra-low temperature recording. We recommend you call our team on +44 (0)1425 651111. Our friendly team can advise on the best-possible solution to meet your unique requirements.


Vaccine Storage Monitoring

There are strict regulations regarding the storage of vaccines, as they could become less effective if they become too hot or cold. The recommended temperature range to store vaccines is generally  +2˚C to +8˚C, but you should always follow the manufacturer's summary of product characteristics. All vaccines must be refrigerated and protected from light at all times and must never be frozen. If storage recommendations are not followed, manufacturers will disclaim any responsibility and it is up to each handler to prove due diligence on their part, at every stage of the transportation, delivery and storage process.

The EasyLog Vaccine Monitoring range includes various product options which allow for discrete and continuous temperature monitoring of vaccines in refrigeration using glycol bottle probes to mimic the rate at which vaccines react to changes in temperature, giving you the most accurate temperature readings.

USB Vaccine Loggers

The EL-USB-VAC records temperature at intervals set by the user and stores this data for the user to download via USB at their convenience. The device also has an in-built LCD screen showing the min/max and current temperature readings. You can configure custom alarm levels which will trigger a flashing red LED indicator on the device to show when an issue has occurred. This can potentially prevent unsafe vaccines from progressing in the cold chain.

The EL-USB-VAC has a glycol probe attachment to mimic vaccine temperature changes for the utmost accuracy. Devices have a replaceable battery with a 12+ month battery life and are one of the most flexible vaccine monitoring solutions, with no reliance on Wi-Fi signal enabling them to be used throughout the entire vaccine cold chain.

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WiFi Vaccine Loggers

The EL-WIFI-VACX records temperature at intervals set by the user and uploads all readings to the EasyLog Cloud automatically, giving you 24/7 access to your data either using the EasyLog Cloud app or by logging in to your EasyLog Cloud account online. On the EasyLog Cloud, you can set up alarm levels so that the Cloud will notify you via email if a temperature reading outside of this range is logged by the device, enabling staff to take corrective action before the vaccine is unsafe to use. The device also has an on-board flashing warning light and alarm sounder that trigger completely independent of the Cloud, with no reliance on Wi-Fi signal, to alert people locally to any temperature alarms.

The built-in LCD screen displays min/max and current temperatures, as well as alarm status, battery level and Wi-Fi signal. This means that you will always have data available locally and never be completely reliant on Wi-Fi signal.

Supplied with a UKAS traceable calibration certificate, this product uses a digital calibratable probe. This means that renewing calibration for your device is as easy as swapping in a newly calibrated probe. No need to take your device out of service. The temperature probe is buffered by a glycol bottle in order to accurately replicate internal vaccine temperature.

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Cold Chain Vaccine Loggers

Available in packs of 10, the EL-CC data logger range provides cost-effective, user-friendly loggers, specially designed to maintain robust temperature records for the Cold Chain of goods in transit. Simply press the button onboard the device to start logging and plug into a computer via the USB port when finished to view the data. Pre-set alarm rates are set on the device depending on what you are transporting: we have products specially designed for monitoring ambient pharma goods, blood samples and platelet samples.

If the temperature falls outside of the pre-set range the LED light onboard the device will flash red as well as this being highlighted in the data recorded and accessed via PC. If you need specific alarm levels, get in touch, we may be able to configure these for you!

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Our Products in the Healthcare Field

Salisbury Hospital

Our EL-WiFi-TC, TP+ and DTP+ are currently being used to monitor temperature-sensitive reagents in fridge, freezer and incubator storage units in Salisbury hospital. This has ensured consistent and accurate monitoring as well as reducing the demand on staff at the facility.

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Vaccine Monitoring in Slovenia

Previously, this hospital in Ljubljana monitored its vaccines manually, taking readings with standard mercury thermometers once an hour. but thanks to the installation of EL-WIFI-VAC this data is now automatically recorded more accurately, consistently and managed remotely.

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Pharmacy Warehouse & Distribution Monitoring

Using our FilesThruTheAir WiFi-connected sensors, Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy were able to streamline their warehousing and distribution facilities to ensure their temperature sensitive goods remained in safe conditions. Data was captured, accessed and managed via their EasyLog Cloud Account.

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Using Advanced Temperature Sensors to Reduce the Workload of NHS Staff: Part 1

How hospitals, surgeries and similar facilities can use our data loggers to monitor ambient temperature, with a particular focus on compiling ERIC data.

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Using Advanced Temperature Sensors to Reduce the Workload of NHS Staff: Part 2

How hospitals, surgeries and similar facilities can use our data loggers to monitor the temperature of vaccines and similar temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.

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