Wireless Alert CM Contact Monitor

Wireless Alert CM is a battery-powered device that can be connected to a volt-free contact and will send a warning email when it detects that the contact has opened or closed.   Simply select your settings and connect to a Wi-Fi network using the FilesThruTheAir mobile app. 

  • User-configurable alerts for contact open, closed or both 

  • Alert delay settings

  • Customisable alert messages 

  • Sends email alerts and scheduled status reports 

  • Wi-Fi connected 

  • Simple to set up using the free mobile app 

  • Two years’  battery life (typical) 

  • No ongoing subscription fees 

  • Includes sticky pad for mounting 

£34.50 + VAT

Product Details

Wireless Alert CM is simple to set up using the free Wireless Alert mobile app, available on Google Play or on the App Store.  Once set up, the Wireless Alert CM monitors whether a volt-free contact, such as a relay or volt-free switch is open or closed.  The device can be secured in position using an adhesive pad (supplied) and is provided with 1.5m of cable with bare ends, ready to connect to your equipment or switch (WARNING: Connection must only be made to volt-free contacts - if in any doubt, ask an expert). 

Setup couldn't be easier.  Simply follow the step-by-step guide in the free FilesThruTheAir mobile app (available on Google Play and on the App Store).  During setup, you can enter a contact email address and configure alerts for when a volt-free contact is open or closed.  Whenever the device detects an alert state, an email notification will be sent to the configured address.

The device can also send out daily, weekly or monthly scheduled summary reports, detailing the device’s battery level, the number of notifications sent, and the total time spent in alert mode. 

Please note:  Wi-Fi networks cannot be guaranteed to have 100% uptime, this product should therefore not be relied upon as a stand-alone security device. 

Additional Information