EL-21CFR-TP-LCD+ Thermistor Probe Data Logger

  • Measurement range of -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°F)
  • EasyLog 21CFR software available as a free download
  • Logging rates between 1 second and 12 hours
  • High contrast LCDscreen with four digit temperature display function
  • User-programmable alarm thresholds
  • Available for use as part of a 21CFR Part 11 compliant system
  • Optional calibration check certificate using UKAS traceable reference equipment 
Calibration Certificates
£112.50 + VAT

Product Details

The EL-21CFR-TP-LCD+ High-Accuracy Temperature Data Logger with 21CFR Compatibility and LCD Screen

This standalone device measures and stores over 32,000 temperature readings over a -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°F) range. Resolutino of 0.1°C (0.2°F).

The logger is easy to set-up and download data from by simply plugging the device into the USB port of a PC and using the free EasyLog 21CFR software. Data can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications and programs for more detailed analysis. The encrypted data has full audit tracking and so complies with the requirements of a 21CFR Part 11 system.

The LCD has a high contrast screen to show a variety of temperature data and information for quick view. At the touch of a button, the user can scroll between the current, max and min temperature readings stored.

This data logger is supplied with a lithium metal battery which gives an average of two years logging life.

Application info

The 21CFR-TP-LCD+ has been specially developed to meet the data security required by the FDA's 21CFR Part 11 regulations. As such, it is suitable for use in applications where the integrity of the data is of the highest importance. This includes:

  • 21CFR

  • Medical

  • Cold Chain

Additional Information