PanelPilotACE RS485 Add-On Board Accessory

  • Receiver Output High Voltage: Vcc-0.6 (4.4V)
  • Receiver Output Low Voltage: 0.17 typical (0.4 maximum)
  • Input Current (V=12V): 80uA typical (125uA maximum) 
  • Input Current (V=-7V): 50uA typical (-100uA minimum)
  • Max Data Rate: 20Mbps 
  • A/B voltage (absolute maximum): -8V to +13V 
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 40°C 
£15.99 + VAT

Product Details

The S43-RS485 is a PanelPilotACE accessory compatible with the 4.3” PanelPilotACE display module (SGD 43-A). The S43-RS485 attaches to the rear of the SGD 43-A and provides a 3 wire RS485 interface as well as an optional 120Ω terminator.

This device can be connected via the A (Data+), B (Data-) and GND pins to provide half duplex communication.

The software currently supports ASCII based serial communication as well as the MODBUS (RTU) protocol. We are in the process of adding more protocols to this software.

Additional Information