Food Retail Temperature Monitoring Kit with Audible Alarms

The perfect solution to recording the temperature of food storage in supermarkets and similar food retail establishments.

  • Automatically record food storage temperature across up to ten measurement points and receive email notifications if a temperature issue arises.
  • Kit includes ten EL-MOTE-TP devices that each automatically measure temperature between -40 and +125°C and upload this data to your EasyLog Cloud account via Wi-Fi
  • One year's FREE EasyLog Cloud subscription (for up to ten devices) included as part of this kit.
  • Wirelessly view, analyse and report data from multiple devices (across multiple locations if you have more than one site), 24/7, using the EasyLog Cloud, via mobile app or internet browser.
  • Easy device setup using the EasyLog Cloud mobile app.
  • Configurable high and low alarms that trigger an on-board audible beeper alarm and a notification email to an address of your choice via the EasyLog Cloud.
  • Battery: replaceable battery (2 years' battery life) or mains powered option (adapter sold separately).
  • Please note: Addition of a calibration certificate will extend delivery time by 2-3 weeks.
  • This is a web exclusive bundle, not to be combined with any other promotion or discount.
Calibration Certificates
£1,075.00 + VAT

Product Details

This is a bundle of ten EL-MOTE-TP units, which we are providing with one year's FREE EasyLog Cloud subscription.

Leave these devices with the probe positioned in a storage fridge/freezer, cold room, hot food counter, or similar measurement point, and they will automatically record temperature (between -40 and +125°C) at regular intervals and upload this data, via Wi-Fi, to your EasyLog Cloud account.

The EasyLog Cloud is a user-friendly data storage and device management platform. You can access this using any internet-enabled device (either via browser or mobile app). This will give you access to live and historic temperature readings, collected across all of your devices (even across multiple locations if you have multiple sites), allowing you to view, analyse and report your data with ease.

Using this kit, you can rest assured that your establishment will never miss a critical temperature check. Even if your facility experiences a Wi-Fi failure, the EL-MOTE-TP devices will continue to log temperature data on the device until it automatically re-establishes a Wi-Fi connection. All data will then be uploaded to your Cloud account so you will always have a complete set of data.

Need to know when there's an issue with the temperature of your storage environment? No problem. Using the EasyLog Cloud, you can configure custom high and low alarm limits for each device that trigger a prompt notification email to an address of your choice. The device will also sound an audible beeper alarm (completely independent of the Cloud, with no reliance on WiFi signal), notifying any persons on hand that there is an issue. This can potentially help you to prevent unsafe stock from being sold to customers, or even alert you in time to correct the issue and save valuable stock from perishing!

You can also view all device alarms in your EasyLog Cloud account under each device's Event Log. This can enable you to trace what measurement points have had issues and even leave comments on what actions have been taken since.

What's in the kit?

  • 10x EL-MOTE-TP temperature data logger with external thermistor probe
  • 10x EL-MOTE Wall Bracket for mounting the device to a wall or piece of furniture
  • 10x Four replaceable AA batteries
  • One year's free EasyLog Cloud subscription for up to ten devices

The EL-MOTE-TP can be powered either by replaceable battery (4x AA) or mains power using an adapter purchased separately (EL-MOTE-PSU Power Adapter).

If you're not sure that this kit is quite right for you, want to discuss different quantities, or have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to call our team and we will be happy to help: +44 (0)1425 651111 (Mon-Fri 08:30 - 17:00 exc. bank holidays)

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