EL-IOT-1 WiFi Cloud-Connected Ambient Temperature Data Logger

• Our lowest cost Wi-Fi temperature data logger
• Measurement range -20 to +60°C
• Uploads data to the EasyLog Cloud
• Status indicators and sounder
• Set up your own alarms and notifications
• Typical battery life over one year, or can be permanently powered

£59.99 + VAT

Product Details

The EL-IOT-1 is a wireless, Cloud-connected temperature data logger.  It comes with an internal sensor with a -20 °C to +60 °C measurement range.  Handy status indicators on the front of the device alert you, at a glance, to alarms, battery levels, and Wi-Fi connection strength.

The device is simple to set up and once configured can be placed anywhere within range of your Wi-Fi network, continually monitoring and recording your data to the Easylog Cloud.  You can then use the Cloud to access, analyse, and share your data from any internet-connected device.

Set high and low-temperature alarms where an alarm is activated if your temperature threshold is breached.  Alarm options include email alerts (which can be sent to one or multiple email addresses), SMS alerts, sounder alerts and flashing indicator.

Note: The EL-IOT-1 monitors ambient temperature via an internal sensor and is not compatible with our smart probe accessories.  Smart probe options will become available as the EL-IOT range continues to expand.

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