BUFFER-TP Thermal Buffer Block

BUFFER-TP is an accessory compatible with all FilesThruTheAir TP probes, designed to mimic the real temperature changes of refrigerated items, and therefore minimise unnecessary alarms.

  • Compatible with all FilesThruTheAir TP probes
  • Removes short-term temperature fluctuations
  • Minimise unnecessary alarms
  • Food safe design
£12.95 + VAT

Product Details

This thermal buffer is compatible with our TP temperature probe sensors and is designed to better reflect the temperature response time of refrigerated products, including food and vaccines, instead of simply measuring and recording air temperature changes.

The buffer is uniquely designed with mass and materials that allow it to simulate the thermal mass of stored refrigerated products, slowing down the temperature response time of the sensor it is used with. This results in the prevention of unnecessary alarms being generated by short-term fluctuations in the surrounding air temperature, such as when a fridge door is opened and closed in normal use.

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