WIFI-TC GLYCOL PROBE 2.0M Vaccine Monitoring Probe

  • For use with the WiFi-TC, EnviroPad-TC, EL-GFX-DTC, EL-USB-TC
  • Thermocouple probe: class 1 tolerance, 316 stainless steel probe in glycol
  • Thermocouple type: k
£24.95 + VAT

Product Details

Glycol filled probes are designed to provide a buffered response to changes in the temperature.  This helps to simulate the thermal lag experienced by products stored in the monitored environment.  

For use with all products accepting a standard type k thermocouple input.

“The loss of only one dose of Pediacel vaccine a month in each general practice is worth more than £2 million a year.”

Protocol for ordering, storing and handling vaccines
Department of Health, England

This probe can also be used for other applications e.g. food and drink storage

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