Temperature monitoring solutions

The EasyLog Cloud system works to suit your needs, from simple domestic environmental monitoring, to compact business systems with just a few measuring points, and corporate solutions with hundreds of sensors around the globe. The flexibility that EasyLog Cloud offers makes enabling the wireless workplace easier and more achievable than ever before.



It is essential for any pharmacy storing temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products to carefully monitor their storage environments.

Vaccines and other medicines may lose their effectiveness if they become too hot or too cold at any time. Vaccines naturally biodegrade over time, and storage outside of the recommended temperature range may speed up loss of potency, which cannot be reversed. This may result in the failure of the vaccine to create the desired immune response, consequently providing poor protection, and leading to unnecessary costly wastage.

According to Public Health England, over £5.8 million worth of vaccines were wasted in 2019, with £4.4 million being considered avoidable. The major cause of loss involved refrigeration temperature deviations, either due to equipment failure or employee negligence.

In order to avoid these incidents from occurring, temperature within refrigerators should be monitored continually. Public Health England state “Temperatures in the refrigerator must be monitored and recorded at least once each working day, and documented on a chart for recording temperatures.” Manually recording and logging temperatures is not only time consuming, but also leaves room for human error.

FilesThruTheAir’s data loggers can automatically collect and log pharmaceutical temperature data. This can release medical staff from having to carry out manual temperature checks, allowing them to undertake other critical tasks. Historical temperature records are uploaded and stored on the EasyLog Cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7. Each device can automatically generate an ‘Event Log’ including details of any temperature alarms, power loss, probe disconnections, and issues with Wi-Fi signal. Staff can then leave comments on these events, documenting what actions were taken.

With advanced alerting features, the appropriate staff can receive a prompt notification if the temperature breaches the user defined limits. This can prevent pharmacies from distributing unsafe vaccines / medicines, and possibly even allow them to react quickly preventing valuable stock from having to be wasted (depending on the specific advice put forward in the manufacturer’s summary of product characteristics).



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