Pet Care

People love their pets, but taking care of them can be hard work.
Certain animals demand extra care and particular environments. Meanwhile, other animals are less fussy, but that doesn’t stop you worrying about them on a scorching hot summers day.
Our range of temperature and humidity monitoring devices can bring you peace of mind, monitoring your pets conditions for you, and notifying you if their conditions become dangerous. This notification can then allow you to take action to protect your pet’s wellbeing.

Heatstroke and Dogs

Dogs, amongst other animals, can be prone to heatstroke. According to the RSPCA, heatstroke can cause organ failure and kill. Regular temperature checking of your dog's environment can ensure that your dog has a cool place to rest when temperatures become dangerous.

For this we recommend Wireless Alert TP-Pro. This product is easy to set up using the Wireless Alert App - you connect the device to a WiFi network, configure high and low temperature limits to keep your dog comfortable, and enter your contact email address. It will then automatically monitor your dogs environment and notify you by email whenever it breaches the limits that you have pre-set. You can then organise fast action to ensure your dog's health is no longer at risk.

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Monitoring Reptile Enclosures

Reptiles are particularly fussy creatures when it comes to the temperature of their environment. They are ectothermic, whcih means they use the temperature of their environment to control body temperature. As a result, it's vital that they have hot and cool areas of their enclosure allowing them to move and regulate their temperature. For example, the RSPCA recommend that bearded Dragons have a 'hot end' (between 38-42°C) and a 'cool end' (22-26°C). They also recommend that these temperatures are monitored by a thermostat.

For this we recommend an EL-WiFi-DTP+. This product has a display screen which displays the temperatures of two external thermistor probes, these can be placed at each end of a reptile enclosure consequently showing the temperatures of the hot and cool zones. For extra peace-of-mind you can set up alerts for each probe so that, if either zone falls outside of the required tempereture conditions, an email alert will be sent to you, allowing you to take fast action to correct this.

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Fish Care

Fish require a clean and stable environment in order to stay healthy. The RSPCA recommend that goldfish are kept between 10-21°C, while most other fish need warmer conditions different for ech species. You should always check the temperature requirements for each species of fish that you intend to keep and measure their conditions using a thermostat.

For this we recommend the EL-WiFi-TP. This temperature monitoring device has an external, waterproof thermistor probe that can go inside your fish tank. The temperature will display on the device's LCD screen and you can programme email alerts for whenever temperature breaches the conditions needed for your specific set of fish. This allows you to take fast action and return the tank to a suitable temperature.

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