National Federation of Fish Friers

Have you ever lost valuable stock due to a refrigeration failure?
Or, are you struggling to maintain robust temperature records that prove you have stored food safely?


Our Solutions...

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Temperature Recording Kit

FilesThruTheAir’s temperature recording kit can record the temperature of up to five different measurement points including chillers, freezers and hot food counters. These automatically measure temperature and upload this data to your EasyLog Cloud account; a user-friendly platform to view, analyse and report your data, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. You can even set up alarm levels that trigger an email notification if your measurement point gets too hot or too cold, allowing you to promptly correct the issue and potentially prevent damage to perishable stock!


Temperature Alerting Kit

Our takeaway restaurant temperature alerting kit allows you to set high and low alert levels. It will then send you a warning email if ever these temperature limits are breached, giving you the opportunity to quickly correct the issue and potentially prevent damage to stock. You can also schedule basic summary reports including maximum, minimum and average temperature.


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