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Easylog Cloud

Important EasyLog Cloud Launch Information

We’re excited to be approaching the launch of EasyLog Cloud.

The new service, which will be applied as an upgrade to the existing wifisensorcloud service, includes all the features that you are used to, plus a host of new advanced features.

If you use the service, the following preparations will ensure that your upgrade experience runs as smoothly as possible:

• Your data will be safe. Provided that your data logger battery is healthy it will log data whilst the Cloud is offline and will sync when service is resumed. If you can, recharge any data logger showing a low battery condition.

• If you use the FilesThruTheAir app or WiFi PC software, you will need to update to the latest release in order to connect to EasyLog Cloud after the update.

• If possible, adjust device transmission rates to 24hrs before the upgrade. This will extend the battery life of sensors by preventing repeated connection attempts during the upgrade. You may wish to adjust sensors back to your required transmission rate once EasyLog Cloud is live. We may automatically adjust transmission rates on devices attached to Free Accounts.

• Monitoring critical items; keep in mind that alerts and notifications will not be functioning during this period. It remains your responsibility to ensure that anything you deem critical is covered by a backup system and does not fully rely on a Wi-Fi-connected logger to be a fail-safe method.

• Once this exciting upgrade process has completed you will be able to log in to using your existing username and password. Ensure that you have a record of your username and password before we begin the update process.

• To stay informed throughout the upgrade, monitor our Twitter feed. We will also post information at and

Then just sit back, relax and get ready for a vastly improved experience.

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