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Case Study: How to Optimise the Conditions of Your Greenhouse

Our Product Supervisor, Emma Edwards, is a gardening enthusiast, who loves to grow a variety of different vegetables. This summer, she has been busy in the greenhouse, attempting to grow three different types of chillies, as well as tomatoes, cucumbers, and the seedlings for her outdoor vegetable patch.

A problem that Emma, like many other hobbyist gardeners, has experienced is uncertainty as to whether or not her greenhouse maintains appropriate temperature and humidity levels for her crops.

The article linked below explores how data loggers can be used by gardening enthusiasts of all abilities to inform their control of ventilation, shading and humidity in order to ensure that crops have the ideal conditions to grow!

“For any novice gardener, I would definitely recommend using a temperature and humidity data logger. It’s been really interesting to see how different ventilation and shading techniques have affected the temperature of my greenhouse and the growth of my crops." - Emma Edwards

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