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Avoiding the office this Christmas

How did we get to the 12th December??? One minute it’s early November with evenings only just starting to feel dark and wintry and the next it’s two weeks till Christmas! It feels like time is running out for projects at work, needing to think quickly about plans for 2015 and on top of all that, who’s providing coverage in the office over Christmas?

Which poor lonely bleary-eyed soul will be wandering around the all-but-abandoned frosty company buildings manually taking readings from numerous data loggers and inputting figures into a spreadsheet? Who is pulling the short straw in your office this year?

There are seldom few organisations that can allow all staff to stay at home with their mince pies and board games and avoid a trip to the office to check up on things, especially the Facilities Manager our loyal property guardian angel. Customers expect continual service and products year round, so the buildings in which they’re stored and manufactured need continuous monitoring and maintenance.

However, there is a small bunch of smug Facilities Managers who probably feel like they’ve had their Christmas wish granted. They’ll be feasting with total peace of mind as they’re already using the FilesThruTheAir™ wireless sensors and Cloud service. Staying in the warm, spending well-earned time relaxing with their families, they’re a clever bunch indeed.

Our customers will have already set up notifications and alarms, so can remain undisturbed with their box of After Eights unless an important issue arises. If they really wanted to check up on things like a good little Elf, they can log into the Cloud from home and see the status of all devices in an instant. Santa will be pleased.

We wish everyone peace of mind this Christmas, so if you want to join our clever customers either write a note to Santa or give us a call.

Jade Reeves, Marketing Manager - Corintech Ltd

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