Temperature & Humidity Monitoring for the Museum & Exhibition Industry

To support the preservation of exhibits, archives and historic buildings, museums and heritage organisations frequently measure temperature and humidity with traditional data loggers and chart recorders. These legacy devices are often unsightly, expensive and difficult to use. TheFilesThruTheAir™ temperature and humidity sensors are cost effective, professional and uncomplicated, allowing discrete temperature and humidity monitoring - locally, remotely and instantly.

USB Data Loggers provide a user friendly, economical method of recording temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide and voltage. This range of USB data loggers are protected against ingress from water and dust to IP67. Once downloaded, data can be graphed, printed or exported for further analysis on a PC via the free WIN-USB software package.

Wifi Data Loggers Our range of FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi data logging sensors measure temperature and humidity with a variety of models using different probes and enhanced accuracy options. The wireless sensors connect directly to an existing WiFi network, transferring data wirelessly to either a PC on the same network, or straight to the FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud for hassle free management.

GFX Data Loggers are the next generation of USB data loggers with increased memory and enhanced durability. They feature a dot-matrix LCD providing users with real-time trend analysis, data summaries and by using a simple on screen menu, the ability to start, stop and restart the data logger without the need to re-connect to a PC. 



With products to suit every need, location and budget FilesThruTheAir™ offer both local and remote monitoring solutions. Incorporating either internal sensors or external probes you will find the system perfect for you.

See below how FilesThruTheAir™ can keep you in control of every step in your conservation process.

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FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud – Your data, Anytime, Anywhere

All sensors in the FilesThruTheAir™Wifi data logging sensor range safely and securely transmit their readings to the Cloud. From here you can view and manage multiple rooms, buildings, sites or even global locations from one place.

The Cloud has some amazing features to allow you to easily view your data, make changes to your system and generate reports.

Our professional Cloud account starts from just £7.99 per month.

Features at a glance

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Case Studies

Many museums, companies and individuals are already using our sensors and enjoying accurate, accessible and manageable data. See how they are getting on below. 


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