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Monitor your exhibition spaces remotely using our WiFi data logging sensors with 24/7 access to data via the EasyLog Cloud on a web browser or the App. Protect your exhibits and stored collections and receive prompt warning of potentially damaging conditions via alert emails sent to one or more specified recipients as required. 

If live data access is not a priority, we offer a range of USB data loggers, which will continuously record and store data readings that can be collected by plugging the device into a PC via USB port. 


Temperature and humidity loggers can help ensure that the right environmental conditions are maintained during the transportation of exhibits and artefacts. Using a USB data logger, data will be recorded onto the device and trends in fluctuations can be measured, enabling the user to make appropriate adjustments to avoid damage to exhibits during transit. 

Alternatively, the Bluetooth-connected temperature and humidity data logger is set up using our Android App and will record temperature and humidity levels until data is collected using the App when in Bluetooth range. Ideal for transportation monitoring as no use of PC is required and data can be immediately collected via Android device at the end of any journey, or as required.  

WiFi-Connected Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

EasyLog WiFi-connected products log automatically and send email alerts to the user if certain temperature and humidity limits are breached, ideal for the remote management of heritage premises in and out of operational hours. These devices connect to the EasyLog Cloud via WiFi to record and store data to be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

Available in two ranges: The EL-MOTE-TH & TH+ are discreet, screenless data loggers that connect to the EasyLog Cloud for remote monitoring, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications due to its IP67 rating. The EL-WIFI-TH & TH+ have LCD screens to display live readings and a small alarm symbol for quick checks as well as uploading data to the EasyLog Cloud. 

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USB Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

The temperature and humidity range of USB connected devices are low-cost and hardwearing, ingress from water and dust to IP67, perfect for the carefully monitoring of the environments of precious goods in transit. Simply leave to log in the desired space and plug the device into the PC. Once downloaded, data can be graphed, printed or exported for further analysis on a PC via the free EL-WIN-USB software package. Data can also be downloaded directly onto the EL-DataPad touch screen data collector.

With screenless and LCD screen options, the EL-USB-2 and EL-USB-2-LCD devices log over a temperature range of -35 to +80°C with an accuracy of 0.55°C (high accuracy versions available, click below).

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Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Loggers

The EL-BT-2 data logger measures and stores up to 500,000 temperature and humidity readings. The LCD screen on the device indicates Bluetooth connection status as well as logger operation. Simply connect to your smartphone to set the sample rate, temperature scale, temperature & humidity alarms, Bluetooth power savings, LCD settings and variable start times. Downloaded data will be saved to your phone's memory card and can be viewed at any time.

The push button allows cycling of current, minimum and maximum recorded values. The EL-BT-2 comes with rechargeable battery and can be used with a USB wall charger. Only compatible for use with Android devices.

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It was a great surprise to encounter FilesThruTheAir™ wireless sensors. They are a reliable system that are suited to monitoring the conditions we control throughout our museums. 

Fred Verbeeck, Musea en Erfgoed Antwerpen

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I’m so glad we decided to implement them across the museum – we can now pinpoint changes in temperature due to the alert system and make sure we maintain our artefacts for future generations.

Jennifer Mabbott, Rochdale Pioneers Museum

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Traditional museum solutions are notoriously expensive, so it was a breath of fresh air to find FilesThruTheAir™  wireless sensors, which are perfect for what we are trying to monitor.

Dr Robert Symmons, Fishbourne Roman Palace

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