Introducing Wireless Alert

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The Wireless Alert product range automatically monitors temperature at scheduled intervals, alerting its user by email whenever the temperature breaches pre-set limits.
This allows the user to take fast and corrective action, potentially saving damage to goods.
Easy-to-set-up, the device can potentially replace laborious manual temperature checking processes that are often required to meet strict industry standards.
Weekly reports of temperature breaches are emailed to the user on a weekly basis as evidence of their efforts to monitor temperature.

Which Wireless Alert Model Is For You?

Wireless Alert Fridge

Low Alert = 2°C

High Alert = 8°C

Wireless Alert Freezer

Low Alert = -20°C

High Alert = -16°C

Wireless Alert TP-Pro

Customisable alert limits between -40 and 125°C

Essentially, each Wireless Alert product performs the same function. The only difference between the products is that the Fridge and Freezer models have pre-set temperature alert limits, suitable for each environment, whereas the TP-Pro has customisable alert limits that the user can easily configure using the Wireless Alert App.

Set Up and Go!

Step 1

Install the Wireless Alert app from the App Store, or on Google Play.

Alternatively, scan the QR code above and printed on the box.

Step 2

Remove the battery isolation tab.

Step 3

Run the Wireless Alert app and follow the instructions to get started.


For further guidance please see our Wireless Alert Application Guidance document, or visit the FAQs section of the website.



Wireless Alert Industry Applications

Wondering what you would use this for? See the assortment of uses Wireless Alert products could have below:

Food Storage

Our data loggers are usually recommended for food storage monitoring, however for smaller chains of businesses, Wireless Alert is a lower-cost alternative. Click the button below to see how the device can monitor food goods.

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Pet Care

A number of different animals need specific conditions to survive, hibernate and mate. Our Wireless Alert TP-Pro can be set to notify you if temperature conditions could put your pet's safety at risk.

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Certain plants need optimal temperatures to grow. Our Wireless Alert products are ideal for monitoring greenhouses and similar environments. They can then notify you by email if temperatures become detrimental for your plants.

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Housing, Workplace & Business Premises

Managing a building can be difficult. Temperature monitoring can help you ensure that your employees, customers, visitors or residents are comfortable at all times.

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Leisure Facilities

Leisure facilities have strict industry standards that they have to enforce in order to provide an acceptable level of visitor safety. See how our devices can help with this process via the link below.

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In healthcare facilities, temperature monitoring is important for patient comfort, medication storage and food safety.

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