Housing, Workplace & Business Premises Monitoring


Business owners and landlords could benefit from monitoring environments within their premises. Monitoring temperature and humidity helps assess the performance of heating and ventilation systems, building products such as insulation materials, and keeps those inside comfortable, boosting staff morale.

FilesThruTheAir™ data loggers can also be used in business premises to monitor conditions such as damp and gas emission, ensuring comfort and safety.

Premises Monitoring

All business owners recognise the need to keep their staff and customers comfortable, keeping staff morale high, maintaining a productive workplace and in turn providing customers with a positive experience. Temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide data can help you ensure that buildings comply with environmental regulations by trouble-shooting heat-loss, or profiling environmental conditions to fully evaluate the performance of heating and ventilation systems. Using data loggers can also help to identify where steps can be taken to improve energy efficiency.

Educational Establishments

Monitoring environmental elements within classrooms are important to the welfare of staff and pupils. Air quality can be measured by looking at levels of carbon monoxide, which in turn assesses the efficiency of ventilation and AC systems. Carbon monoxide could also be particularly monitored in science laboratories and cooking classrooms where the risk of gas emission from equipment may be higher. Monitoring temperature and humidity are also important in maintaining a comfortable workplace.


Landlords and vacation homeowners could benefit from monitoring their properties, particularly where the landlord has a responsibility to maintain a level of comfort, health and safety for their tenants. It is also increasingly important for homes on the market to have a good energy efficiency rating, therefore monitoring temperature and humidity helps to assess the performance of heating and ventilation systems and building products such as insulation materials. FilesThruTheAir™ data loggers can be used in housing to monitor conditions such as damp, gas emission and radiator performance, as well as climate maintenance.