Healthcare Environments & Processes Monitoring


Monitoring the temperature and humidity levels of storage units, refrigerators, and ward climate in healthcare establishments can be highly important to meet health and safety guidelines as well as ensure staff and patient safety and comfort.

Pharmaceutical & Vaccine Storage

With a wide range of controlled-temperature storage facilities in hospitals, care homes and doctors surgeries, the flexibility of our temperature data loggers means you can monitor a wide range of medication, biological samples and vaccines to the correct conditions you require. Our vaccine monitoring range uses a specially developed probe with glycol attachment to mimic vaccine temperature changes for utmost accuracy.

Our two lead vaccine monitoring ranges include the standalone EL-USB-VAC range which can simply be left to log at intervals defined by the user and collected whenever in order to view data by plugging in to the PCB via the USB port. The small in-built LCD screen displays live readings, while the small LED light indicates whether or not an alarm is active.

Our EL-WIFI-VAC continuously records temperatures and automatically sends all readings to the online EasyLog Cloud platform where you can monitor and manage your device remotely 24/7. If your device goes into alarm mode, the EasyLog Cloud will send you an email notification to enable corrective action to be taken. 

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Care Rooms, Hospital Wards & Surgery Environments

Keep your patients calm and comfortable, and your staff happy, by monitoring and maintaining optimum temperature and humidity around your facilities. Our range of WiFi-connected products log automatically and send email alerts to the user if certain temperature and humidity limits are breached, ideal for the remote management of heritage premises in and out of operational hours. These devices connect to the EasyLog Cloud via WiFi to record and store data to be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

Available in two ranges: The EL-MOTE-TH & TH+ are discreet, screenless data loggers that connect to the EasyLog Cloud for remote monitoring, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications due to its IP67 rating. The EL-WIFI-TH & TH+ have LCD screens to display live readings and a small alarm symbol for quick checks as well as uploading data to the EasyLog Cloud

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For a lower cost option, consider Wireless Alert TP. This product can only measure temperature and will not log data. However, it can send email alerts and flash a red LED light when temperature reaches its user's custom-set temperature limits.

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Medical Transport Monitoring

Maintain every aspect of your medical cold chain by monitoring your medical resources in transit. 

Available in packs of 10, the EL-CC data logger range provides cost-effective, user-friendly loggers specially designed to monitor the cold chain of transported medical goods. Simply press the button on board the device to start logging and plug into the computer via the USB port when finished to view the data. Pre-set alarm rates are set on the device depending what you are transporting: we have products specially designed for monitoring ambient pharma goodsblood samples and platelet samples.

If the temperature falls outside of the pre-set range the LED light on board the device will flash red as well as this being highlighted in the data recorded and accessed via PC.

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Our Products in the Healthcare Field

Salisbury Hospital

Our EL-WiFi-TC, TP+ and DTP+ are currently being used to monitor temperature-sensitive reagents in fridge, freezer and incubator storage units in Salisbury hospital. This has ensured consistent and accurate monitoring as well as reducing the demand on staff at the facility.

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Vaccine Monitoring in Slovenia

Previously, this hospital in Ljubljana monitored its vaccines manually, taking readings with standard mercury thermometers once an hour. but thanks to the installation of EL-WIFI-VAC this data is now automatically recorded more accurately, consistently and managed remotely.

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Pharmacy Warehouse & Distribution Monitoring

Using our FilesThruTheAir WiFi-connected sensors, Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy were able to streamline their warehousing and distribution facilities to ensure their temperature sensitive goods remained in safe conditions. Data was captured, accessed and managed via their EasyLog Cloud Account.

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