Food Safety Management

With increasing requirements for proof of due diligence in food businesses, the demand for products that can assist with the daily workload and in meeting these requirements are ever growing. FilesThruTheAir™ offer an inexpensive and easy to use solution; a selection of products to monitor and record temperature or temperature and humidity in food industry applications.

The HACCP principles suggest food businesses...

Establish record keeping procedures documenting your HACCP system and keep records of adherence to your critical control points and any actions taken in the event of deviations

It is therefore essential to keep records of temperature control in your food business. Without records, it is impossible to prove your constant efforts to meet safe temperature measures. Staying on top of these records can be difficult, especially during busy business hours or after a long, tiring service. Data loggers can relieve you of these added pressures by continually taking measurements at a preselected schedule, eliminating the chance of missing a critical check during busy periods.

What Food Processes Do You Need To Monitor?


Food Safety in Cooking Processes

FilesThruTheAir™ offer a solution to meet your data logging requirements to monitor food safety in the cooking process. The EL-EnviroPad-TC has three different operation modes; checklist, spot check and data logging. Ensure food is cooked to correct and safe core temperatures and monitor the temperature of food during cooling processes with this easy-to-use product, enabling you to comply with food safety regulation with no stress.

Food Safety in Freezing & Chilling

Effortlessly and continually monitor fridge and freezer performance using our WiFi-connected data loggers. EL-WiFi sensors transmit fridge and freezer temperature data via WiFi to the EasyLog Cloud. This allows multiple users to view records from multiple devices, in any location. Temperature alarm zones can be set up by the user and the device will notify specified managers and staff via an email alert when a temperature zone of a fridge or freezer is breached.

Cold Chain in the Food Industry

Acceptance of food deliveries is heavily dependent on the condition of the goods upon arrival. Suppliers should recognise and accept the responsibility of temperature and humidity conditions in which they transport food. EL-CC data loggers are pre-determined with temperature and humidity alarm zones for frozen, chilled or ambient goods. When checked, loggers will inform of a zone breach by displaying a red alarm LED. The loggers can be plugged into a USB port on a PC at the end of use so users can download, view and analyse data.