Spot Checking for Food Safety

The FilesThruTheAir HACCP-Touch is the spot check device specifically designed to help you comply with HACCP industry standandards and legislation with minimum impact on your time. 

The HACCP guidelines state that it is essential to keep and maintain records of adherence of food safety guidelines, as well as any breaches of safe conditions and how these were rectified. It is therefore essential to monitor and record your efforts to conform to these regulations, and with the HACCP touch this can all be done on one hand-held, easy-to-use device by all your staff. 

The HACCP-Touch is a touch screen thermometer and temperature recorder with a thermocouple probe attached, perfect for spot checking the safe cooking, reheating or defrosting of food products. You can also monitor other tasks in your business, such as stock checks, deliveries, and other daily tasks straight from the device. Our free, user-friendly HACCP-Touch software allows you to program your device to specifically suit your products, staff, suppliers and various needs in your food business. 


Product Capabilities

Spot-Check Your Food

Using the HACCP-Touch software, you can pre-set correct conditions for products and processes to ensure your company's food safety standards are upheld. Whether you want to cook a steak to perfection, ensure a piece of fish is correctly defrosted or reheat food to a safe temperature, the HACCP-Touch offers ultimate flexibility due to its multiple programming options. 

By setting specific temperature min/max for each action (for example "Chicken Defrost" or "Chicken Cooked") using the computer software, simply upload your new settings straight to the device using the USB connection and you are ready to go. Then select the product you want to measure using the touch-screen and use the high-accuracy thermocouple probe attached to ensure the internal temperature is at the correct level. The device then logs the result and if successful, the text on the screen turns green. If outside of these set limits, the text turns red and proceeds to suggest the next steps required for this product, set by you to help instruct your staff on safe food procedures. 

Spot-Check Your Equipment

You can also implement equipment checks to ensure your cooking, chilling or freezing equipment is performing at optimum temperatures. Simply enter the details of each appliance you want to monitor on the HACCP-Touch software as well as programming your own protocol for staff to follow should the check fail. 

This is particularly important for storage appliances, such as fridges or freezers, as according to the Food Standards Agency "the dials on fridges don't always show you the right temperature" so it is vital to check the temperature at the centre of the appliance using a thermometer. As well as spot-checking equipment, the HACCP-Touch also functions as a data logger, meaning it can be left to monitor and store readings at pre-designated intervals to gain a more accurate understanding of storage appliance conditions. 

Monitor Your Other Processes

Alongside spot-checks, you can program your device to record and remind you of other checks needed in your business. This can include stock checks (such as what should be checked, from which distributor, the temperature range acceptable upon arrival), room temperature monitoring (set appropriate ambient temperatures for your business and intervals with which they should be checked), as well as deliveries, cleaning checks and other regular processes occuring in your business. 

Due to the multi-user function, each staff member can have an account and log-in code in order to track who makes checks, when, the results and the following steps taken. All this data can then be downloaded through the USB connection to your PC to be viewed comprehensively in one place. This means you can monitor various aspects of your business across multiple locations, staff and processes to ensure your business is adhering to industry standards.