Food Safety Management

According to the government HACCP principles, it is essential to keep records of temperature and humidity control in your business.

Establish record keeping procedures documenting your HACCP system and keep records of adherence to your critical control points and any actions taken in the event of deviations


Our Data Loggers...

-   Create proof of your constant efforts to meet safe temperature and humidity readings automatically with data loggers continually monitoring and recording measurements for you.

-   Relieve you of the pressures of manually keeping records, reduce the window of human error and eliminate the chance of missing a critical check.

-   Come in a wide variety of products and data logging options to suit your application, whether you require wireless connectivity, a network of multiple loggers or a probe attachment to monitor extreme temperatures such as in the freezing or cooking process.

Storage Monitoring

Effortlessly and continually monitor fridge and freezer performance using our WiFi-connected data loggers. EL-WiFi sensors transmit fridge and freezer temperature data via WiFi to the EasyLog Cloud, allowing multiple users to view records from multiple devices. Temperature alarm zones can be set up by users and notify specified staff via email when a temperature zone is breached.

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Spot-Check Measurements

The EL-EnviroPad-TC has three different operation modes; checklist, spot check and data logging. Ensure food is cooked to correct and safe core temperatures and monitor the temperature of food during cooling processes with this easy-to-use product, enabling you to comply with food safety regulation with no stress.

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 Cold Chain Monitoring

Maintain your cold chain supply easily as EL-CC data loggers are pre-determined with temperature and humidity alarm zones for frozen, chilled or ambient goods. When checked, loggers will inform of a zone breach by displaying a red alarm LED. The loggers can be plugged into a USB port on a PC at the end of use so users can download, view and analyse data.

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  • Create ambient monitoring for the entire production chain
  • Comply with statutory regulations: HACCP
  • Create data logging records ready for inspections


  • Create optimum ambient conditions for dry food storage and monitor this
  • Maintain safe temperatures for storing frozen and chilled food
  • Receive alerts if critical temperatures are reached
  • Prevent the spoiling of food


  • Monitor temperature and humidity conditions for frozen, chilled or ambient goods in transit
  • Alert the user to temperature zone breaches through an alarm
  • Enable unbroken cold chain transportation


  • Maintain cold chain process
  • Comply with HACCP guidelines at all times
  • Maintain optimum food quality and hygiene by monitoring freezers, refrigerators and ambient store conditions


  • Monitor storage conditions of raw materials
  • Maintain optimum conditions for fermentation rooms
  • Verify and log your compliance with industry regulations


Cafés & Restaurants
  • Comply with HACCP guidelines at all times
  • Maintain comfortable ambient temperature for customers
  • Monitor fridge, freezer and dry storage
  • Spot check hot food to ensure correct internal temperature

Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it, see how our products are already making temperature/humidity monitoring and data collection easier across a wide range of food industries. From cheese production to seafood storage to serving safe food to pub customers. Check out our case studies for more examples.

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