Temperature monitoring solutions

The EasyLog Cloud system works to suit your needs, from simple domestic environmental monitoring, to compact business systems with just a few measuring points, and corporate solutions with hundreds of sensors around the globe. The flexibility that EasyLog Cloud offers makes enabling the wireless workplace easier and more achievable than ever before.



From the production line to the customers' plate, FilesThruTheAir have a monitoring solution for every step of the way.  

HACCP guidelines state that it is essential to keep and maintain robust temperature records, as well as record any breaches, to ensure food safety standards are met. Ensuring goods are kept in optimum conditions is important for any organisation working within the Food & Drinks industry, not only to comply with HACCP and Food Safety guidelines, but also potentially boost productivity by preventing waste, maintaining overall quality in finished goods, and saving time and money. With our range of Data Loggers & Sensors you can effortlessly record temperature and humidity data, as well as be alerted when levels become too high or too low.

Food Production

Monitoring and control of temperature is of utmost importance for both food and beverage processing manufacturers. During food production controlling temperature is key in order to ensure the safety of the product by preventing and/or killing harmful bacteria. In the beverage industry, temperature plays a vital role in deciding the quality of the final product. During the wine making or brewing process, the ambient temperature, as well as fermentation temperature, could have a positive or negative effect. Even in the process of milk pasteurization, the temperature is important to ensure the removal of harmful pathogens, such as Escherichia, Salmonella, and Listeria.

Cold Chain Monitoring

The acceptance of food deliveries into a shop or factory greatly depends on the condition of those goods upon arrival. Suppliers must accept the responsibility of the temperature and humidity conditions in which they transport food. According to the HACCP guidelines, it is essential to keep records of temperature control at every stage of food production and supply. Without these records, it is impossible to prove constant efforts to meet safe temperature measures that meet industry standards.

Food Storage

According to the Food Standards Agency, refrigerators should be kept between 0⁰C and 5⁰C to avoid the growth of dangerous bacteria that can lead to food poisoning. The agency recommends measuring and monitoring this using a thermometer as “the dials on fridges don’t always show you the right temperature”. HACCP guidelines state that it is essential to keep and maintain records of adherence to such guidelines, as well as any breaches to ensure food standards are met. Guaranteeing these standards manually can take a lot of time and resources, especially within the service industry or a large storage facility housing a range of products.

When storing foods it is also vital to monitor humidity levels in an environment at all times. Monitoring moisture in the air can be used to alert you of potential clumping with certain foods such as sugar, salt and powered products, which may effect the overall quality of the food. During storage, temperature and relative humidity must be carefully controlled to maintain food quality. Data loggers can relieve the pressure of manually recording data by continually taking measurements at a preselected schedule and automatically alerting you of any breaches.

Food Preparation & Retail

Retailers often have a number of fridges, freezers and cold rooms which need to be monitored under a HACCP system. Whilst this can be done manually through regular temperature checks, the use of a wireless temperature monitoring system such as the EL-WiFi can save time and resources as well as eliminate human error. Automated data logging and immediate alarm notifications when pre-set temperature limits are breached enable retailers to meet critical HACCP compliance requirements and ensure quality of their stock.

Our environmental monitoring solutions offer a range of applications when it comes to food preperation and retail including monitoring of storage areas, cooking processes and refrigeration control. Our EL-EnviroPad-TC can help ensure food is cooked to correct and safe core temperatures and monitor the temperature of food during cooling processes, enabling you to comply with food safety regulation with no stress.


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