Environmental Monitoring for Facilities Management

Monitoring environments can play an important part in ensuring optimum levels of comfort, energy efficiency, air quality, and even health and safety in a variety of applications.

FilesThruTheAir™ offer a comprehensive range of data loggers to provide a cost-effective, professional and simple to use solution. Monitoring data such as temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide not only measures systems’ efficiency but helps to identify possible issues perhaps caused by inefficient machinery or incorrect programming. 


To determine the efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, data loggers can be used to monitor temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide, ensuring systems are working correctly and help to identify any possible system issues.


Whether it's the monitoring of direct outputs such as voltage or 4-20mA measurement from the loop, the need to measure or count events or track output from an external voltage or 4-20mA integrated sensor, FilesThruTheAir™ has a USB industrial solution.  Each logger in the industrial series is supplied with measurement leads terminated with crocodile or banana clips and a cap fitted with terminal connections for measurement of the chosen parameter.

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality can be of paramount importance in buildings where a large number of employees spend the best part of a day, particularly in city and high rise buildings. The carbon monoxide output from boilers and chemicals used indoors can be monitored using USB data loggers from FilesThruTheAir, ensuring safe working environments. WiFi data loggers can be implemented to monitor humidity levels, which if too high could cause mould issues, and too low could have an effect on both the health of staff and building structures.