Environmental Condition Monitoring


FilesThruTheAir™ data loggers can be used for many environmental research applications, ranging from individual loggers recording locally to multiple devices used for large-scale monitoring. Their reliability and high memory capacity means they can be deployed for long-term data collection in remote areas.

For temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide requirements, FilesThruTheAir™ has a wide range of data loggers to help you with your environmental needs and a number of communication platforms to choose from. Using USB, WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled devices, measuring temperature, humidity or CO levels outdoors doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. 

Outdoor Environments

Monitor remote outdoor locations with a USB data logger, durable enough to withstand the elements and with a typical battery life of two years, the device can be left to record data without any further efforts. Once plugged into a PC, data reports can be constructed to show trends in conditions. 


FilesThruTheAir™ data loggers can be used to monitor the climate in the habitats of various wildlife. Monitoring temperature or humidity can reveal trends that might help in investigating animal behaviours in hibernation, nesting and relocation.