Humidity Monitoring in Garages


Monitor temperature and humidity with this wireless, Cloud-connected logger. View real-time data on the LCD screen as well as remotely via the online Cloud platform. Here, you can monitor and manage multiple devices or just the one, and recieve alerts of any data logged outside of the temperature and humidity limits set by you via email.

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A simple, cost-effective standalone logger to monitor temperature and humidity. Simply leave in the desired monitoring area and collect to view data by plugging it in to a PC via the USB port. When plugged in, the data can easily be viewed and downloaded using the free EasyLog software provided. Stores up to 16,000 readings on the device.

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Don't have WiFi connection in your garage? No Problem. Simply leave this bluetooth connected temperature and humidity device to log the desired area, manage your device and view readings via the EasyLog BT app for Android. The logger also has an LCD screen displaying live readings, min/max values, battery and Bluetooth connection status.

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Classic car, motorbike, boat, or Porsche? Whatever you keep in your garage, monitoring humidity plays a vital part in helping to prolong its use, hold its beauty and run as smoothly as possible. Different materials are affected by the moisture in the air around them in different ways. Using a cover to protect your vehicle will only keep it clean, and not protect it from corrosion or mould growth unless you monitor and maintain humidity levels.


Did You Know?

• Mould and damp interiors are caused by high moisture levels in the air from poor storage conditions

• Extremely low or high moisture levels in the air have a particular effect on leather interiors and can lead leather to crack, split and weaken

• Monitoring relative humidity levels and removing moisture when necessary is the most effective method of ensuring humidity levels remain constant

• The ideal humidity to keep your vehicle in is between 30-50% RH - while most metals are well protected in a humidity level up to around 50% RH, plastics, rubbers and leather are affected by both a low and a high humidity


Which Product Type Is Best For Me?

Wireless Monitoring

Do you have WiFi connection in your garage?

If WiFi is a possibility in your storage space, then our range of EL-WiFi temperature and humidity data loggers could be the best option for you. These loggers have temperature and relative humidity sensors built into the units themselves and have a large LCD screen which displays readings at all times. Perhaps you would prefer a more modern data logger with an extended temperature and relative humidity probe, rather than a built-in sensor? Take a look at our latest WiFi-connected range, EL-MOTE.

Data history can be viewed at any time, from any internet-enabled device by logging into your EasyLog Cloud account. Check out the EasyLog Cloud App, available for Apple and Android devices, giving you even more flexibility. Alarm zones can be configured to suit the appropriate temperature and humidity zones in which you wish to keep your vehicle, and alert emails will be sent to as many email addresses as you wish, ensuring that you are constantly informed of any environmental changes in your garage.

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Standalone Monitoring

WiFi connection not possible? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

If you don't need access to live data, we offer a range of standalone data loggers with USB connectivity. EL-USB data loggers are small, pen-shaped loggers with built-in temperature and humidity sensors. Set them up on PC, and then place anywhere in your vehicle or garage to record data. When you wish to collect your data - daily, weekly, even monthly, just take it out of use and plug it into the USB port on a PC. Once you've collected data, you can simply place the device back in your garage, press the start button and start logging again. Data can be viewed and analysed in graph or list formats, and even saved as Excel documents. 

EL-GFX data loggers use the same principle as EL-USB products, except have a large LCD screen with on-screen menus providing real-time analysis of data either as a data summary or as a graph. These loggers use the same software as EL-USB products, and data is collected by connecting up to PC via USB and can be viewed in the same formats. 

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Bluetooth Monitoring

If WiFi connection is not a possibility, but you still want to be able to collect data without taking the data logger out of use, then you should check out our Bluetooth-connected temperature and humidity data logger. 

Using an App for Android, easily set up your EL-BT-2, and then leave the logger in the place you wish to monitor - for example, your car door, glovebox, or garage toolbox. To collect data, you need to be within range of the Bluetooth connection of the data logger and using the App, data can be downloaded and converted to graph format for analysis. Once data has been downloaded to your phone or tablet via the App, it will be saved to the device's memory and can be viewed at any time - you can then email the data to any email address to be viewed on another device for further analysis. 

The EL-BT-2 has an LCD screen built-in to display current readings, and to indicate a Bluetooth connection. The battery in the device is rechargeable and can be charged using a USB wall charger. 

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