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EL-MOTE Makes Ice Lolly Storage Simple

LICKALIX install the EL-MOTE to ensure their Ice Lollies are stored safely.

In a busy and growing company, it’s important to save time and leg-work while still maintaining storage regulations. The founder of ice lolly brand LICKALIX was looking for a data logging solution that would free her from manually checking her freezer storage to focus on other elements of growing the business. After installing a network of EL-MOTE data loggers, she was impressed with the efficiency and ease of the Cloud-based system.

Based in the UK, LICKALIX is an ice lolly company producing healthy, natural, handmade lollies from real fruits aimed at the whole family. They are free from lactose, dairy, gluten and nuts.

Karis Gesua, Chief Lolly Officer, commented:

I had four separate freezer stores that I needed accurate and reliable data readings of. I was far too busy running my company to worry about constantly downloading the data results. I researched many loggers and companies, and I couldn’t find a better option than FilesThruTheAir and EL-MOTE

LICKALIX installed a network of 3 EL-MOTEs: two with a single probe input (EL-MOTE-TP) and one with a dual probe input (EL-MOTE-DTP) to monitor their walk-in storage freezers. These probes allowed for the devices to be outside of the freezers with probes inside to accurately monitor the temperature and alert of any temperature breaches via email. After installing the EL-MOTEs, Karis was particularly impressed with the Cloud system these loggers use:

It’s the only logger I found that connects to Wi-Fi, can be used on a PC or Mac and downloads to a Cloud system with all data stored on the EasyLog Cloud. The data can be easily accessed via an app on my phone whenever I want, and email alerts are sent directly to me. On top of this, Emma at FilesThruTheAir was incredibility helpful and knowledgeable, and service, in general, was of excellent standard.

With a simple app-based set-up, two-year battery life, multiple temperature and humidity probe options and a water-resistant exterior, the EL-MOTE range can be used in a wide variety of applications. The EL-MOTE-TP and DTP used here measure temperatures from a range of -40 to +125 °C, perfect for monitoring the safe storage of a variety of food.

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EL-MOTE Makes Ice Lolly Storage Simple