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Temperature and Humidity Monitoring at CERN

WiFi sensors at the LHC

After a two year hiatus, recently we finally saw the Large Hadron Collider - the world's largest and most complex set of scientific instruments - restart. Some of the best physicists and engineers from around the world will use it to continue studying the basic constituents of matter - a mission that already saw them confirm the existence of the Higgs Boson in 2012.

Around this time last year, we wrote of how the teams involved in the construction of one of these instruments - the ATLAS detector - were using our own FilesThurTheAir™ sensors to measure the humidity of components as they transported them to the site.

On one occasion, the sensors (the WiFi-TH+ model, to be exact) caught a humidity rise and sounded the alarm. The team were able to respond and discovered that their dry nitrogen supply had unexpectedly emptied, something that could have damaged the IBL (Insertable B-Layer) subdetector component in question.

Because of this success, the team has since incorporated the WiFi temperature and humidity sensors into the experiment site itself.

The LAT region of the experiment site requires sensors to be fitted that can monitor the humidity of the gas flow around it. Other sensors have been used previously, but they require manual calibration to suit the site.

Not only had the FilesThruTheAir™ sensors already previously proven themselves when transporting the IBL component, but they did not require additional calibration, making them better suited to the task.

They’re still in place and monitoring the site today, and even make a brief appearance in this BBC News video.

The ability to work alongside organisations such as CERN really gives us increasing confidence in our FilesThruTheAir™ product offering.

Whilst we at Corintech Ltd are unlikely to ever answer any questions about the fundamental structure of the universe ourselves, our aim has always been to push the boundaries with our sensing and instrumentation devices. It’s therefore truly an inspiration that our products are helping to support some of the most groundbreaking scientific research in history.

Photo caption: FilesThruTheAir™ sensor (centre) at the CERN ATLAS Experiment

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring at CERN