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FilesThruTheAir in the Mix

WiFi Temperature Sensors at Audio Mix House, Nevada

Audio Mix House is a state-of-the-art production and recording studio in Nevada.  The six studios are purpose-built for tracking and mixing, with live rooms, vocal booths and lounges. It has a large following of major celebrities such as 50 Cent, Celine Dion and Lady Gaga who frequent the venue on a regular basis to make use of its expensive, state-of-the-art equipment.

Audio Mix House prides itself on using the best equipment available, which together is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. It strives for high standards, providing a world-class finished product and studio experience for all its customers, whoever they are.


The problem

To guarantee a great experience for all customers, all equipment - which is often very sensitive to high temperatures - must be kept in an optimum state. Being based in the Nevada desert, which can sometimes reach 52 degrees Celsius temperature levels have to be closely controlled. 

High temperatures can affect many hi-tech pieces of equipment. For example, microphones contain a sensitive condenser that can be greatly affected by high temperature and humidity. This can result in distortion and ‘clicks and pops’ when recording.

Previously, Audio Mix House did not have any system in place to monitor temperature, but rather relied on its air conditioning equipment. However, the A/C regularly broke down, with staff often finding out hours later, by which time the equipment had already been damaged.


The solution

Audio Mix House began looking for a solution that would remotely monitor and instantly notify staff of fluctuations in temperatures, allowing them to react quickly to any problems that arose.

After some research, the studio realised it was looking specifically for a Wi-Fi-based monitoring system - and found FilesThruTheAir™. The Audio Mix House invested in four WiFi-TP sensors, which were then deployed in specific areas throughout the studios. This particular sensor measures temperature, between the range of -40°C and +125°C.

The studio was drawn to the sensors due to their competitive price of just £97 + VAT, and being able to manage them remotely on the Cloud.  The system stores data securely on the cloud and sends key personnel notifications of alarms and system status.



A huge benefit for the studio is that staff are now able to place a “high temperature threshold” limit on the sensors. The FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud remote monitoring system provides automated alerts whenever it is detected that the temperature is going out of range. These alerts can be sent to any PC, phone or tablet – allowing staff at the studio peace of mind when outside of working hours.

Due to FilesThruTheAir™, processes within the studio have been simplified, time has been saved – and being immediately notified of temperature problems has led to significant financial saving, thanks to equipment no longer being damaged through changes in the environment.

Dana Parham Jr, General Manager at Audio Mix House said:

“We are so pleased to find the FilesThruTheAirsystem. We can now sleep better at night knowing that the equipment and rooms are being monitored. We’ll continue to use the sensors across the studio for the simple reason that it just works.”


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FilesThruTheAir in the Mix