Monitoring Commercial & Home Brewing

There are multiple processes in both the home and commercial brewing process that rely on particular environmental conditions for successful production. Read below to see how our data loggers can help you manage and track your brew’s conditions…

Commercial Brewing

The application of HACCP principles to the industrial production of beer means that it is important to create records of the steps taken for careful temperature and humidity control in order to ensure the safety of the drink’s production. This means that it is not only essential to control temperature in the process, but record the relevant data, including any excursions from ideal environmental conditions in the malting, germination, kilning, mashing, maturation and storing processes of beer production. In order to pass an industry inspection, this data should be recorded daily by properly trained staff or automated systems.

Home Brewing

According to Brewer’s Choice, standard home-brewed beer should never be brewed at temperatures above 25⁰C, ale should ideally be brewed around 18-20⁰C and lager at a cool 12⁰C. Ideally, home brewers should place their brew in a temperature controlled fridge with a temperature monitor attached. Often, however, it is more convenient to use outdoor space, such as garages and sheds, which are more subject to temperature change and can require the individual to cover or shade their beer as conditions change seasonally. In this case, it is ideal to have some form of monitoring or warning system in place as temperatures change. 

USB Logger Range

A low cost, standalone logger, this is the perfect device to simply leave to log and retrieve manually to access and analyse the data by plugging the device into the PC using the USB port. Due to their IP67 water resistant rating they can be left in cold or damp outside environments. Once data is dowloaded via the PC it can be graphed, printed or exported for further analysis. 

The USB range includes standard temperature monitoring, industrial temperature monitoring and temperature and humidity options. 

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EL-WiFi Remote Logger Range

The ideal option for both local and remote management of temperature as the EL-WiFi range both displays live temperature & humidity readings on its LCD screen and uploads data automatically to the Cloud via WiFi connection to be managed and viewed anywhere. With product options including temperature & humidity monitor, a thermistor probe for specific monitoring and an ambient temperature logger for general room monitoring, there are a wide variety of options perfect for either a single logger or a network of multiple spanning different locations. 

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EL-MOTE Remote Logger Range

Perfect for remote monitoring in both indoor and outdoor applications, the EL-MOTE range of WiFi-connected data loggers automatically uploads data to the EasyLog Cloud for remote management and viewing of data as well as automated email alert should temperatures be logged out of the pre-set range. 

Available in various product options including ambient temperature monitoring, temperature and humidity, thermistor probe for specific monitoring among others. 

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