PanelPilotACE Fully Programmable Touchscreen User Interface

An advanced user interface and touch screen panel meter that is fully programmable by the user. Using the PanelPilotACE Design Studio, simply drag-and-drop the desired elements for multi-channel data logging and trend graphs all on one device. From background images to analogue meters, touch screen navigation to complex logic statements, this software allows users to build multi-screen interfaces without needing to write a single line of code.

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PanelPilotM Touchscreen Programmable Colour Panel Meter Display

Customisable panel meter with dual analogue inputs, alarms and a colour touch screen. Using the free PanelPilotM Software, you can choose from an ever-increasing number of configurations, including bar-graph, trend graph, tank level and analogue style displays. You can then customise the colours, text, units and scaling of your panel.

PanelPilotB Customisable Voltmeter Display

Low cost, ultra-low power and sunlight readable voltmeter display. Using the free PanelPilotB Configuration Software, choose from six different analogue and digital voltmeter apps and customise their label units, text, scaling, alarms and even add your own logo to the product power-up screen.

EL-SGD 43-ATP and 70-ATP - Panel Mount Data Logging

Add data logging functionality to a wealth of finished instruments using our range of panel mountable data loggers. The range offers 4.3” and 7” capacitive display options and up to four data logging channels supplied with compatible thermistor probes. The loggers can store up to 100,000 readings per channel and can display the data via live trend graphs, real-time readings as well as a host of other data analysis tools. Program and download data from the unit via a USB cable supplied with the device. For advanced users, the drag and drop-based PanelPilotACE software can be used to extensively customise the data logging application.

Component - Style Data Logging

Integrate USB data logging technology into multiple applications using the OEM-3. This component-style data logger can be incorporated into new and existing products without the need to specifically develop a hardware and software platform.

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